What began as a casual evening out at the American themed, taxidermy filmed Shady Pines Saloon bar led to a rather astonishing discovery my friends have kept hidden under their belt for quite some time now…

I bring you (well, they bring you)… TZUKURI

The world’s first pair of sunglasses that you can purchase with a promise that you will never lose them – ever. You may wonder how this works? Well Tzukuri have that all figured out.

Each pair of sunglasses is embedded with a custom designed beacon which is connected to an iPhone app. If you leave your techno sunglasses behind, your iPhone will simply alert you as well as letting you track where they are on a map.


The designs were created by 3D analysing thousands of faces in order to develop a fit which fits with a broader range of facial structures.


The result is six pairs of glasses in three different sizes, specially refined to bring out the best in every face. All this technology might sound a bit much right? You might think that the design aesthetic might be comprised for the technological advances but I assure you that these designs are some of the most wearable yet modern designs around. Did I mention that they are also hand crafted in Japan?


Time magazine online has already featured Tzukuri, which is a sign to quit the worrying about whether investing on an expensive pair of sunglasses is worth it or not because you ‘always lose them’; now there is no need to worry about them going missing and therefore, no excuse to not invest.

Tzukuri sunglasses will be available to order later this year (I’ll keep you informed) but for now check out their website for more info:  Tzukuri Website  and like the Tzukuri Facebook Page to keep updated with the latest Tzukuri news.

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