J.W. Anderson here we go again!

      So now I have finished my first year of university and I have the entire Summer ahead of me so what better to do than gain some more experience, working for free, YAAAAY. I already can’t wait for interning to be over so I can be in a paid job. Only two more years of uni to go and fingers crossed it will happen!
      I’m back interning at J.W. Anderson and this time we are working on the womenswear Resort 2014 collection and the menswear Spring/Summer 2014 collection. In the six months since I last interned here, they have moved to a much bigger studio and the staff have tripled in size. I thought this meant they were doing a little better and would be relying on interns less but this was not the case. As the company had grew, the demands became even higher than before and interning was even crazier than the last time.
      This week has been as I expected, long crazy hours running from factory to factory. Some people think I’m insane for working the hours we do but it is worth it when you get to see the collection go down the runway, taking the fashion world by storm. Some of the highlights of my first week have included going to Selfridges Head Office to deliver garments for a photo shoot which was exciting seeing behind the scenes of Selfridges and observing how it is run. Other bonuses include working in the studio next to the band, The Horrors and eating lunch with them on the studio roof tops but the best part of my week is continually seeing fashion designer, Simone Rocha around the studios !
      My favourite part was seeing the finalised Resort 2014 and getting to watch Jonathan and his stylist Benjamin Bruno do the fittings on German model Josephine Van Delden, which is where the collection really came to life. Johnathon is obbsessed with Japanese minimalism, using its wrapping and folding techniques. Jonathan continues to push boundaries but still makes the clothes relatable and wearable, which is where he finds his success.

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