Religion Clothing Intern Opportunity

      Only a week after moving my entire life from my flat in Camden back home to my countryside barn conversion in Staffordshire, I found myself back down South in London, the day after attending one of Cambridge’s notorious Summer balls. Whilst attempting to pull myself together for the evenings occasion, I received a phone call from the head of Marketing and Social Media at Religion Clothing asking me to intern for them.
     Funnily enough, I had worked with this girl at my local golf club back home in Staffordshire when I was fourteen years old and had met up with her when I moved to London the year before to ask for her advice on internship opportunities so when I received the phone call I didn’t know whether to be over the moon or break down in tears at the thought of interning again after the experience I had at J.W. Anderson. She wanted me to meet the Head of Sales within the hour but due to how I felt and looked from the night before I expressed that this wouldn’t be the best idea. I was on a time limit anyway as I was taking my friend to see Aluna George at Electric Brixton for her birthday that evening (aren’t I a good friend!) so the meeting was post-poned to the following morning.
      The Head of Sales told me I would be starting on Monday (it was a Friday), which gave me two days to find somewhere to live in London. I had JUST moved back home the weekend earlier so I was apprehensive to tell my parents they had to do the big move all over again! The only problem was that I had to be at home for the weekend as I was doing a photoshoot for singer Alexandra Jayne so how on earth was I supposed to find somewhere to live? Fortunately I knew someone who had a spare room available for rent just a ten minute walk from Religion HQ.
      I had somewhere to live and now I had to wait/dread to see what the working hours would be. Today was my first day and lets just say working in PR is a lot less stressful than working in a pattern cutting studio/for a designer. Since the brand, Firetrap dissolved, Religion Clothing has been the go to brand for many stockists; so my day consisted of phoning Firetraps old stockists to get them on board and buy Religion Clothing… that is all I can tell you for the moment but hopefully I will be able to tell you more about the brand and what goes on inside a show room soon!

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